Jack Bai
urban design & landscape architecture
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Shared Street | East Harlem, NY

Shared Street in East Harlem


Columbia GSAPP, M.S Architecture & Urban Design
Instructors: Kaja Kuehl, James Khamsi, Thad Pawlowski, Ben Brady, Brian Baldor, Pippa Brashear
Summer Studio 2017
Project Location: East Harlem, New York City
In Collaboration with Jose Gerardo Ponte ,and Deeksha Sagar Kalra


What if New York City streets became more pedestrian friendly, delightful, and green. We redefined a street, '120th street' in East Harlem, as a prototype of new public streetspace. East Harlem has lacking access to public transportation, green space and waterfront, we proposed a new Ferry Station where 120th street meets the waterfront as a means of providing an alternative transit mode as well as a redesign of the street turning it into a shared street and giving public space back to the people who are residents in East Harlem. We arranged a vibrant, accessible neighborhood space and built a new social network with institutions, community associations, and event agencies.

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120th street lies between the existing 125th subway station (4,5,6 lines) and proposed 116th subway station(Q line). 120th is walking distance from both stations.

  • Existing truck routes are on 116th and 125th streets. We chose 120th street  to create a safer street away from the chaos traffic.

  • There are many of schools and communities facilities on 120th street. It is opportunity to engage people interacting into the community. Instead, on the busy and commercialized street.

  • 120th street is one of the major street that connects East Harlem all the way to morning height.

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What is a shared street and how it works/ functions?

Shared streets are spaces where where pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles share use and are aware and respectful to each other. They should be spaces where pedestrian activity is high and vehicles activity is low.