Jack Bai
urban design & landscape architecture

Open Space | New York City

Open Space: Waterfront | New York City


Columbia GSAPP, M.S Architecture & Urban Design
Instructors: Kaja Kuehl, James Khamsi, Thad Pawlowski, Ben Brady, Brian Baldor, Pippa Brashear
Urban System Studies | Summer Studio 2017
Project Location: New York
In Collaboration with Faisal Alzakari, Hilary He, Ruilan Jia and Gigi Singh




We redefined open space as a shared common special area for inhabitants and ecological succession, especially along the waterfront. We developed a waterfront kit of parts rethinking and readapting open space as a medium setting up the programs we have framed. We looked at five different waterfront conditions in 5 boroughs: Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Stated island. We made 10 mins documentary video to interpret and propose a new prototypes.


Waterfront kit of parts


Documentary + Animation